Love this bouncer! I’ll be doing a review of it soon but just wanted to show you my cutiekins bounced her self right to sleep! Great workout for the little one. I guess if you need them to go to sleep just plop them right in this baby. This has been one of my favorite toys by far for her. 


Seeing as though her head is getting  flat in the back I’ve been putting her in this jumperoo as well as me and daddy rubbing the back of her head in a circular motion to round it out. 

If your baby is laying down too much in the earlier stages this will happen. So everyday try to remember to rub their head in a circular motion. I forgot sometimes 😦

xoxo Kimi

Busy Busy

Life is starting to get busy with the little one. I’ve decided to get a few things since she’s transitioning to the eating stage and wanted to share with you guys what I think is the MOST NEEDED things at each stage of your little ones life.