Real food over baby mush!


Someone prefers solids over oatmeal! After feeding her a little string beans from my plate, she realizes that it taste better then her baby food mush. Not complaining here! 

I gave her some rice rusk since they easily dissolve in her mouth and she loved them. They say to give them solids at 6 months and real food instead of mush later down the road. But remember every child is different. I had a friend that said she fed her son biscuits and gravy at 3 months! 

Make sure to try one food each week to make sure your baby isn’t allergic. If you feed him or her peas and avocado and they break out in rashes then you’ll need to figure out if it was the peas or avocado…save yourself the hassle and try one food a week. But I have gave her 2 foods in the same day and not had any problems. Talk to your doctor and do what works best for you and baby. 

Happy feeding!

Xoxo Kimi


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