Kiinde Giveaway!

kiinde giveaway twist ardo calypso double plus breast pump bottles 50% off free $300 value

We’re giving away a Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set bundled with an Ardo Breast Pump!
1. Grand Prize: This $300 bundle: The Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set AND the Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump.
2. Just for registering, you’ll win a 50% off discount code for the complete Twist and Foodii systems at (and 50% off shipping too). ALL entrants win this!
3. ALL entrants ALSO receive a coupon for Kiinde products at Target stores.

Comment on and share this post – help us spread the word (and the love)!

Enter here:

To enter, just add at least one Kiinde item to your registry at buybuy BABY, Babies R Us, or Target, and “Like” Ardo on Facebook.

Hurry – entry is only open for 4 days!

The Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set includes all Twist items, including Kozii, as well as the complete Foodii toddler feeding system. Details here:
The Calypso Double Plus breast pump from Ardo is the quietest breast pump on the market (visit for details) and offers a closed system, 400 hour warranty, and AA battery operation away from electric power.

You can find more information on this Swiss-made masterpiece here:…/electric…/calypso-double-plus.html

The 50% off code applies to this set:

This special set includes the complete Twist Breast Milk Collection, Storage, and Feeding System, and it ALSO includes the complete Foodii toddler feeding system! The set also includes valuable coupons for Target and (use them to get a steal on Kozii!).
Its regular price is $50, but you’ll get it for $25 with your discount code!

If you are unfamiliar with Twist….
Twist is a revolutionary new Direct-Pump, Direct-Feed breast milk storage system that allows you to pump directly into breast milk storage pouches (Twist Pouches) from ANY major pump brand (all adapters included). You can feed directly from Twist Pouches using our Active Latch Nipples, or using nipples from other brands.
Now you can pump, store, and feed breast milk with NO milk transfers, fewer dirty dishes, and no air in your baby’s meal.

Watch our new Twist video here:

You can read more about the Twist Breastfeeding system here:

You can read about Kozii, our low temperature warmer designed specifically to preserve nutrients in breast milk, here:

And you can read about Foodii, our toddler feeding system that allows you to continue to use Twist Pouches for pureed food, here:

The Calypso breast pump from Ardo is the quietest breast pump on the market. See noise test results at All Ardo pumps are closed system and WHO Code compliant and feature independent speed/suction controls – 64 total settings on the Calypso! The Double Plus contains everything a mom needs to pump, including three sizes of flanges and the Optiflow insert for active breast massage. The extended warranty of all Calypso pumps offers moms a 400 hour warranty (or one year – whichever is better for mom) which is typically enough for two consecutive babies. The Calypso Double Plus can be operated with AA batteries so mom can pump away from electric power and all Ardo pumps are piston construction for comfort, efficiency and reliability.

Good luck!
Kiinde and Ardo

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