About Me


My name is Keami (Key-Ah-Me) but everyone calls me Kimi most of the time because thats just easier for them to remember. Either one is fine with me!

I was born and raised in Washington DC and just recently moved with my AMAZING husband (Jason) to Tennessee. Huge change right? While my hubby finishes up his degree I in the mean time am a Stay At Home Mom or as people like to call it a “Homemaker”. There’s nothing more I’d rather do then to stay home, taking care of all errands, doctor appointments, cleaning, cooking, and most importantly taking care of our family. I can’t wait to get into homeschooling!

Being at home and always creating something, raving over a new product to myself or family members, and finding out new things that made my life easier made me start blogging.

Creating and making new things to share them with everyone to spark a little creativity! With a passion for staying on a budget, being CHEAP, and making family and friends whatever they may need or want because lets face it….it’s hard times and EXTREMELY expensive for anything these days! Gotta LOVE a DIY-ER and tips and tricks from this Momma.

Above all things put God first!

Thank you for your support!

xoxo Kimi

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