4 Months!

Abbey is now 4 months! SO excited how much she has grown and sad at the same time by how fast these little ones can grow!

Newborn – 1 year old is one of my favorite stages for babies. Learning How to eat solids, crawl, walk, talk brings me so much joy. I praise God for giving us another beautiful and healthy daughter!

I’ll soon be posting my must have items for Newborn-3 months and 3 months-6 months.

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Abbey (2 of 8)

Abbey (3 of 8)

Abbey (4 of 8)

Now that she is 4 months I’ve been giving her a little bit of cream of wheat along with frequent feeds. She still doesn’t now how to take it in but day by day she’s spitting less out. are the doctors telling you to start out with rice cereal? No way! that stuff will plug up your babies bum. Your baby will do totally fine with cream of wheat (gluten free) and whole grain oatmeal (use grinder ). And I would recommend you not pay the ridiculous price of Gerber baby and get Quaker Oats and MAKE SURE TO GRIND IT before giving it to your baby.

Even though Abbey isn’t taking it very well, she is still learning each day i give it to her. I do once a day in the morning or afternoon and if she spits it out I just pop it back in with her baby spoon. You can also try adding a little bit of unsweetened applesauce to your mix of oatmeal and milk.

Breastfeeding is still going extremely well and for now she prefers it more then the solids…no complaining here! The more she drinks the more I’m losing! The 21 Day Fix Diet has been working out great for me along with YouTube videos I’ve been doing 4-5 times a week. And don’t buy the kit, you can do the 21 day fix without buying it. I’ve had much success with research on it and even made my own sheets that monitors how much I should be eating of carbs, protein, fruits, etc. I’ll post on this later!

What are some of your ideas on posting some great baby monthly photos?

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