Abbey’s Eyes

abbey rosalie grace


Since day one when she was born we have always seen blue in her eyes and some people said “That will go away, all babies start out like that” or “Wow those are really blue, they will definitely be that color”. Over these past four months they have not changed but we have seen from the beginning this brown speck in her eye and now it’s spreading which I think is so cool.

My husband comes from a family of mainly all blue eyes and he’s the only one with hazel – greenish eyes. My eyes are dark brown, and my great  grandmother might have blue eyes. For those of you who do not know, I am Caucasian, African American, and Piscataway Indian and I have more of the Indian then the other two…. says my Aunt. 


 She hasn’t reached 6 months which should be the revealing of her permanent eye color (hopefully). Will they be blue at 6 months…no doubt about it. But the brown speck that is starting to spread I wonder if her eyes will change colors like others do when their in different environments. I know someone who’s eyes change colors based on there feelings…seriously!

Do you know anyone with eyes that changes colors?

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