FIRST #TIME #MOM #WHAT #YOU #REALLY #NEED #FOR #YOUR #BABY #REGISTRY TIPS AND ADVICE FROM A NANNY AND MOTHER! WHAT STOREYou’ll probably here from a lot of friends or family (just as I did) to pick more then 2 stores to register. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend that you choose one store. I got really confused and worried when making my baby registry. Trying to figure out if I should put the Sophie Giraffe in one registry or put it in all of them.

  • Picking one store ensures that everything you need and want is in one place
  • Hardly any returns with having only one registry.  Multiple registries will end up this way for example – Jessica will buy a Sophie Giraffe on Target and Mom will buy a Sophie Giraffe on Buy Buy Baby

Save yourself the hassle and use only one registry.

But what if I want something that my registry site does not have and another site does?

If you use Amazon (most preferred) or Baby List you can add anything you want from any site. Everything will be and one place and you can put anything on it from numerous sites. I LOVE Amazon so thats where my registry will be. I also like that you can check the reviews and ratings of each product to make sure your getting a great product for you and baby. Remember to add the amazon icon to your internet browser. It’s available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, iPad, and Safari.



I also love that you can add the priority of the item. If I really need/want it I can put it as a High Priority Item. You can also do Medium and Low as well. Don’t forget to change your “Universal Item” (the section it will go under on Amazon) to the right section. You don’t have to but I just like having organization. I put this baby gym under toys…or you can do gear, its up to you.

What if grandma doesn’t have access to the internet? 

Usually this is the case but hardly a problem. Little grammy can stop by the gift card section while shopping for groceries and pick up an Amazon gift card.

FIRST #TIME #MOM #WHAT #YOU #REALLY #NEED #FOR #YOUR #BABY #REGISTRY TIPS AND ADVICE FROM A NANNY AND MOTHER! WHEN SHOULD I START MY REGISTRYAs soon as you want! As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started right away! I did Baby List first as my registry but then realized everything I wanted was on Amazon so I just switched over to Amazon.

Make your registry private until the baby shower is near. This way you can add, and delete items (I was always doing this). Something new might come out and you want that instead of what you had in your registry, you might see something another mother has that you want, or anything. I was constantly adding and changing the items on my registry.

FIRST #TIME #MOM #WHAT #YOU #REALLY #NEED #FOR #YOUR #BABY #REGISTRY TIPS AND ADVICE FROM A NANNY AND MOTHER! EXPENSIVE OR INEXPENSIVE ITMES?Both! Becky might not be able to purchase the $215 crib but Grandma Rose will! Something that seems expensive to you might be chump change to someone else. Putting both inexpensive and expensive items is perfect for family and friends.

  • Friends/Family with not so much money in the bank to purchase the inexpensive items
  • Friends/Family making plenty of bacon can really step in and help with those expensive baby items
  • Friends/Family might go half and half on one expensive item

FIRST #TIME #MOM #WHAT #YOU #REALLY #NEED #FOR #YOUR #BABY #REGISTRY TIPS AND ADVICE FROM A NANNY AND MOTHER! REGISTRY INVITES1-2 months before your baby shower should do it.  You can either ask for everyone’s address via Facebook or text.

  • Create a event on Facebook
  • Send invitations through the mail
  • Be sure to include your registry url or what names they can use to look up your registry

Daddy Shower?

Yes! For a daddy shower, usually all the guest bring a box of diapers (or if your doing cloth diapers ask for 1 or 2). This will help you save money! We didn’t have to buy any diapers for the first 4 months with our first child.

I hope this has helped you!


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