The MamaRoo 2015 Swing

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The 2015 MamaRoo Swing is the best version yet! Hooking it up with bluetooth, now you can control it from your phone.

Disclaimer: I did not receive this MamaRoo Swing for free. I purchased it and made a review on my own.

Here’s my review from Amazon:

I LOVE IT! I’ve been looking at this swing through my preganncy and finally got the swing! Our little one is now 1 month old and loves it!!HUGE TIP – You really do not need to spend more money and get the plush version…for what? Your baby is going to be sweating up a storm, especially when it gets HOT. Talk about overheating! Get a $5-$10 car plush insert as I did in the video to put in your baby’s seat. Spending $32 for their version? I don’t think so. Don’t let them squeeze every nickel and dime out your pocket.I never had the old version so I can’t compare it to the old one. Even though the older version is cheaper, I went ahead and dropped a few more dollars ($50) because people complained about the old one making a clicking sound and having to take it back because it stopped working. So even though the 4moms company doesn’t mention that they may have fixed the problems, of course they are not going to put in the description that they’ve fixed promblems that the old one had.Other then that the only new thing about it is that you can control it from your iPhone. If I am cooking or folding clothes etc I can easily control the speed and movements from my iPhone.My daughter loves the contrast of the mobile, like other newborns, and she steadily kicks her legs in it in a content state and full of wonder.This is a great second pair of hands while daddy is gone, when I’m by myself and just need to put her down for a little.

I put my first daughter in the swing all the time and she grew up to be so independent even at the young age of 6 months she wanted to be off doing her own thing. And now since we haven’t had a swing since are new addition has been born she loves to be held constantly and will cry if you put her down. Nothing wrong with it, it is normal, however I believe some independence is a must a few times each day so they can soothe themselves back to sleep. And this is why my daughter at 1 month sleeps 8-9 hours through the night!

Our night routine is:

Lotion Massage
Swaddle (I widen the strap to the swing to fit around the swaddled legs but wouldn’t recommend for older babies)
Nursing until she or he pulls off or drowsy
Then place in the MAMAROO (kangaroo preferably) for a few minutes and then stop it (you don’t want them getting use to being rocked constantly or you’ll be in for a treat..a restless one)

The speed I thought would be slow at the fastest setting..but boy does this baby go fast at high speed (with a 8-9 pounder). UPDATE: Starting to get a bit slower at high speed, most likely from her gaining weight. The movements are perfect, each one is great and different so every now and again I’ll switch it up. My favorite movement is Kangaroo because as a mother and past nanny I rock all my babies like this movement (typical sway and bounce). Once asleep I drop the speed from the highest to the lowest speed and switch to the Wave or Car movement.

The sounds I think are not so great. The only one I do think is decent is the fan. It’s the only one that sounds like the white noise app we have on are phone that she falls asleep too. Also I hooked up my iPod so she could listen to the iTunes radio Lullaby station and it sounds decent enough coming through the speakers.

Also wanted to mention that surprisingly the swing is light when lifted. Super light compared to the fisher price swing. And if you have little ones be careful because they can easily hit the speed button.

Overall great product, love the movements, love the speed, highly recommend to all mom and dads!

Overall great product, love the movements, love the speed, highly recommend to all mom and dads!

What do you think the Mamaroo? I would love to hear your opinions on it!

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