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So excited to share with you this review for the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo!

After doing some research I’ve decided on this jumper for our little one and (God-willing) for future little ones as well. With our first daughter we had the door frame jumper and she would get knocked into the wall with it, there was no sturdiness about and after hearing about injuries caused from door jumpers I’ve decided to narrow it down to stationary jumpers.

So the next step was either an Exersaucer or a Jumper. Here’s the thing about Exersaucer…they are sooo LOUD (I nannied for twin boys and  hated this) and in my opinion they are difficult for a little one of 4 months (14 pounds) to start out with. Exersaucer’s are really for those big heavy babies that already now how to bounce and need more tension.

The Jumper on the other hand is more free and flows really well, it is no where near the high tension of an Exersaucer.  The jumper is lighter and is free to move around everywhere vs the Exersaucer which you can’t move side to side in, but only up and down.

So with all that in mind I picked the best colorful jumper by fisher-price (very great trusted brand) and plus as a teacher assistant to a 0-3 month baby room they had this and they loved it! Especially our youngest one of 3 months…boy he had a blast with it!

The seat can go around 360 degrees so if they want to eat a little something from the snack tray thats on it, or turn around to face me and daddy, they can do it with ease. At 4 months our daughter is not able to this this yet but will probably get there at 6 months or so. The toys are fun, our daughter loves the hanging monkeys and the butterfly, she grabs at them all the time. I like the cause and effect that they have so that when she really jumps it causes the music to come on and the toys to light up. After she see’s the toys light up she stops and looks at it and has that face like “hmm did I do that?” and then she jumps again to see it light up and to hear the noise. So this jumper is a great encourager for them to keep on jumping. You can either choose to have the music come on when they jump or music constantly playing.

One thing I would like to add is to make sure you do not leave your child unattended for too long. Our little has bounced herself to sleep (hilarious right) and she will just rest her head on the tray but I would be concerned if she was there for too long and maybe get a crook in her neck or something. Other then that I actually love that this is a GREAT WORKOUT for her and the more she jumps, the more she’s getting tired, and the more I sleep at night!

Seeing as though she’s always sleeping on her back, she got a flat spot on the back of her head (and I kept forgetting to rub it with my hands in a circular motion) so as soon as she wakes up, fed, and diaper changed I do tummy time for her and put her in this throughout most of the day so she’s not constantly laying down. I also love that I have an extra “mommy helper”. I can do the laundry, make dinner and clean up the house while she’s bouncing away!

I would highly recommend this to all parents!

Disclaimer: I did not receive this jumper for free. I paid for it with my own money.

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