Kiinde Twist Natural Feeding System Review

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I have tried over 6 different bottles for our little one and she hated ALL of them. It wasn’t until we found Kiinde’s Twist Natural Feeding System and fell in LOVE.

Disclaimer: I did not receive anything for free from Kiindee to make this video. The free set I talk about in this video is from a Facebook giveaway that I signed up for on their page.

Here is my review from Amazon on the Kiinde’s Twist Natural Feeding System:

LOOOOOVE!! I had to get on here right away to write a review after trying this out!

First off, the reason why I only have her sucking the nipple is because my mother ordered this as well as 3 other different bottles to try for our 2 month old and forgot to tell her to purchase the pouches.

So anyways our 2 month old daughter is exclusively breastfed, I didn’t care about bottles until I found out I have to get my wisdom teeth taking out and she cannot breastfeed from me for 24 hours because of the Anthesia.

Sooooo we have tried MOMMA bottles, COMOTOMO bottles, BREASTFLOW bottles (are first one loved this bottle btw), LIFEFACTORY bottles, THE BOOB bottle, and ADIRI bottles……none of these worked! I just skipped Tomme’s and Dr. Browns and the other top name brands because from being a Nanny and Teacher to 13 infants I knew how they worked.

One thing I realized with the bottles I listed above and many others is that the flow of these bottles, even at the slowest, are WAY too fast and drip if you turn the bottles upside down. You DO NOT want bottles to do that. If the bottle is dripping with being held upside down then the baby chokes, and the baby isn’t learning how to latch and not drinking correctly as if they were breastfed.. They’ll become “Lazy Breastmilk Drinkers”.

As soon as I seen in the description that it said “THEY ARE DESIGNED TO DISCOURAGE LAZY LATCHING” I knew these would most likely be the one she likes.

So I tried Comotomo, she wasn’t having it….

Tried Breastflow…still wasn’t having it.

Tried Kiinde, took her a couple seconds (just like her soothie pacifier) and she started drinking from it within seconds. Latch is perfect and lips are flared on top and bottom.

Now just to make sure she wasn’t just drinking it at the spare of the moment I tried the other bottles a second time and she of course hated them and then tried Kiinde again and LOVED IT! Also just a little extra side note….since I didn’t have the plastic pouches I put some milk into the Kiinde nipple (did not want to wait for the bags to come in another 2 days to try it out) while it was upside down and not once did it leak.


Please don’t go through numerous bottles like I did! Save yourself time and money and just get these!! They honestly work so amazingly well and the Kiinde company is TRULY KIND. I got a free Breastmilk Starter Kit that’s hasn’t come yet because of a huge storm that delayed shipping plus they said it would be between Dec-Jan that I received it. But anyways couldn’t wait for it and told my mother I think this could be a great one to try along with the others and ordered it!

Sign up for there Facebook page they are always having great sales. I got the toddler food set. Bottles, nipples, pouches, and the bottle warmer for $60 dollars!!!!! That’s a HUGE SALE, a $120 value, the bottle warmer alone is $70!

Sorry getting off track so anyways again this company is amazing, products are amazing, prices are amazing and would HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Hope you all have decided to buy these amazing bottles! Honestly the whole system is great, but I do think that  breastmilk keeper is unnecessary seeing as though ALL MOMS I’m pretty sure store more milk then the slots they provide. Your just going to have this big thing taking up your freezer space.

Annnnyways….What bottles did you try and your baby did not like?


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